The Qube



WHAT IS THE QUBE?”™. The Qube™ is a fun, challenging
& VERY ADDICTIVE 3D Puzzle Game based on the classic PSone™ game Kurushi™ (also know as Intelligent Qube™).

Screenie 2 from the game Screenie 1 from the game

In a variety of breathtaking backdrops, you must first select 1 of 4 characters from ‘The Diaeresis Fleet’ with varying abilities & speed to find out exactly & take on the relentless wrath of The Qube!


On a Qube based playing floor, using the Syif Laser & the aid of any Power ups your blessed enougth to find, you must destroy the Safe Qubes (anything that's not Black!) rotating towards you before they crush or push you off the edge of the playing floor!

Should you allow too many Safe Qubes to fall of the playing floor, you will lose some of that playing floor in return (you don’t want to be standing on that piece of floor when this happens!). Should you destroy the Black Qube, the result is the same!

Once you have destroyed all the Safe Qubes, you may then proceed onto the next Floor!

Remember, there are other Fleet Members, Modes of play & Secrets begging to be unlocked (such as the infamous Big Heads cheat), so performing well is in your interest, as well as theirs!!!

Controlling The Qube (Default Controls):

Moving Your Fleet Member:

Keyboard & Mouse Control Diagram Grab

  • The 'Arrow' Keys are used to move your Fleet Members.<Indicated as 'Green' on the diagram.>Arrow Keys Grab

Exploiting & Eliminating Qubes:

  • 'A' Key is used to Place & Activate Qube Eliminator. (First you place a marker, then activate it just before the qube lands on it!)
  • 'S' Key activates the Green Qube Eliminator (can destory up to 9 Qubes accumatively!)
  • 'D' key Speeds up Qube Rotation while held down.
    <Indicated as
    'Red' on the diagram.>
    Action Keys Grab

You can see exactly how it's done via wmv or mov video here!

There are more control mechanisms when facing the Qube, but thee above are the most vital in increasing Fleet Squad survival rates!

See the full list of controls for The Qube such as Controlling the Camera, Adjusting Fog, Changing Soundtracks etc (You can also view this file by pressing F1 during Gameplay).